Hello clubbies,

This is an update from my desk – pre winter hibernation, yes the chair did get totally covered in frost a few year back. A sight to see (jack frost doesn't visit Mt Jagged very often)

Gladly – I can report that I will still be publishing a new recipe on our blog, every week on Tuesday, and making our eNewsletter – Curds & Whey a focus place to catch up with our news. Please subscribe if you haven’t already – I’ll put the sign up in the comments.

Sadly – I am here to tell you that I am going to have a WINTER BREAK from my Livestream. Even though going live on Wednesday at 11am, BRINGS ME A LOT OF JOY. It’s likely that I will be changing the “Wednesday-livestream” to something new in the Spring/Summer, and it is going to take a few months and some real focus to implement these changes.

Backstory – I decided to try out the livestream in 2021, after The Cheesery closed, to continue dialogue, with you, our loyal customers, and at the same time we launched Alexandrina Cheese Club, and our seasonal subscriptions. It has been so lovely, fun and sometimes challenging to use social media as a direct marketing strategy.

Right now, I need to make adjustments to this schedule for June, July and August.

Also, our Paddock Chat will now be called a PADDOCK REPORT scheduled on Friday. Our dairy farm is about to get VERY COLD, WINDY AND RAINY, and filming is pretty tricky for me during the winter months. We do, however, welcome Winter with open arms as we need the rain to grow our pastures, and we all look forward to the Spring flush of grass. We also have the Royal Adelaide Show starting on 31st August 2024, and we look forward to seeing you purchase Alexandrina Cheese at the Adelaide Showgrounds Farmers Market on Sunday’s.

All I ask, that you please continue to support local cheesemakers, as well as other local producers, local shops, and local restaurants.

Thanks so much for all your encouragement,

Rebekah :-)

29th May 2024

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