Class 2 - THE DAIRYSAFE MEDALLION Cheese, cheddar, matured or vintage, rinded or rindless.
Silver.Alexandrina Cheese Co.Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar

Class 3 - THE AUSCOLD LOGISTICS MEDALLION Cheese, hard, grating.
Silver.Alexandrina Cheese Co.Finniss River Romano;
Class 4 - THE CHEESELINKS MEDALLION Cheese, Semi-Hard/Eye Cheese. Includes edam, gouda, swiss and other semi hard cheeses not included in other classes. (No flavoured products are allowed)
Silver.Alexandrina Cheese Co.Encounter Bay Edam

Class 12 - THE ARTISAN CHEESE MAKING ACADEMY AUSTRALIA Cheese from Small Scale Dairy Producer (less than 1 million litres), Bovine.
Silver.Alexandrina Cheese Co.Spiced Gouda with Caraway Seed; Silver.Alexandrina Cheese Co.Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar; Silver.Alexandrina Cheese Co.Jame's Flat Pepato;

Class 18 - THE AUSCOLD LOGISTICS MEDALLION White Milk, less than 3.2% fat level, including modified milk and UHT.
Silver.Alexandrina Cheese Co.Pure Jersey Skim Milk

Class 19 - THE AUSCOLD LOGISTICS MEDALLION White Milk, non-homogenised.
Silver.Alexandrina Cheese Co.Pure Jersey Full Cream Milk;

Class 22 - THE AUSCOLD LOGISTICS MEDALLION Cream, rich, pure.
Silver.Alexandrina Cheese Co.Pure Jersey Cream;
Silver .Alexandrina Cheese Co.Alexandrina Creme Fraiche
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