We keep Jersey cows for their beautiful Jersey milk because it tastes rich, creamy and luxurious. Flavour, protein & butterfat and yield are the main benefits from Jersey milk. We continue to use Jersey milk because of the ability to gain +12%-14% yield, the valuable components of protein and butterfat allow us to obtain 120-140 kg of curd, out of a vat of 1,000L of milk.

Jersey cattle are generally smaller than other breeds of dairy cattle, and this smaller sized dairy animal overall uses fewer natural resources, and produces a smaller carbon footprint. We can operate our farm sustainably and also utilise regenerative farming practices, farming in a natural way without any inputs of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics. We feed a small amount of rolled barley to the herd in the dairy, ensuring their diet is boosted with high energy food during the colder months, and additional minerals, including calcium and phosphorus, which are essential to their health.

We use Jersey milk because our cows on average produce more than 4-5 times their body weight in milk each lactation! Other attributes include being exceptionally good grazers of dryland pastures, they are superbly quiet cattle, they calve easily usually without any assistance, and have a wonderful structural endurance and longevity.

Our Jersey cows’ milk for a 300 day lactation in our herringbone 9 side dairy, not a day longer. 

This means each Jersey cow has 65 days of maternity leave, whereby they are given lush pasture, and silage and hay.  They usually have one calf per year, it's not really possible for them to have more than one, unless they naturally have twins, which is uncommon. We keep a Jersey bull for our sixty cows, and we use artificial insemination to manage herd fertility. We have been Jersey farmers here since 1973, as we value our animals as members of our immediate family. We always feed our animals in the morning and evening before we feed ourselves, which makes for late breakfast and late dinner. We value all of our ethically raised Jersey calves and cows, and they have an extended, long and happy life here at Alexandrina Cheese. 

We encourage you to buy local milk, from the loveliest Jersey dairy farm in Australia

Non certified organic milk from Alexandrina Cheese Company, available since 2001.

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