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Winter update 1/6/24

Hello clubbies,This is an update from my desk – pre winter hibernation, yes the chair did get totally covered in frost a few year back. A sight to see (jack frost doesn't visit Mt Jagged very often...

Alexandrina Jeff’s Oatmeal Brownie Biscuits

Jeff’s Oatmeal Brownie Biscuits Alexandrina Autumn Recipes Series JEFF’S OATMEAL BROWNIE BISCUITS  elements 1 cup packed brown sugar 120 grams butter 1 egg ½  teaspoon vanilla 1¼ cups plain fl...

Alexandrina Meatzza

Alexandrina Meatzza At our place in around August 2019, our Babcia Krystyna first experimented with serving our family a low carb Meatzza, and since then it has been a tradition, so we call it a c...

Alexandrina Outback Portuguese Chocolate Tarts

Alexandrina Outback Portuguese Chocolate Tarts Alexandrina Autumn Recipes Series This recipe was given to use by Nanna Judy, about a decade ago – when she worked for the Port Augusta School of the...

Alexandrina Retta’s Mars-Bar Cheesecake

Alexandrina Retta’s Mars-Bar Cheesecake   Alexandrina Autumn Recipes Series What happens when you combine everyone’s favourite chocolate bar and a cheesecake? Deliciously decadent dessert heaven, ...

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