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Our recipe uses a large amount of Pure Jersey Cream in the shortbread dough, making it slightly tricky to work with, but you will be soon rewarded with a pale and golden shortbread to slice. With only a little sprinkle of sugar on top, this Shortbread will be ready to serve, specially prepared for Santa’s Tray on Christmas Eve. A slice of Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar will be a perfect match with the Alexandrina Shortbread, and you may as well pour a glass of local whiskey too!  




on the day, you will need to allow 15 minutes, preparation time, total cooking time 25 min

makes 12 or more serves



50 g rolled oats (to be whizzed in the blender to create a fine flour)

300 g plain flour

100 g cornflour

100 g sugar

300ml Alexandrina Pure Jersey Cream

Shortbread can be tricky to mix so allow 25 ml cold water

25-50 g sugar



preheat oven (for baking)

cut some parchment paper, and find a 20cm x 20cm baking tray

in your food processor blend the rolled oats to a fine flour, once you have this oat flour, you can add the plain flour cornflour and sugar, and use the pulse setting to mix this together

add the cream to the mixing bowl, and use the pulse setting to mix this together into a coarse crumb. If the mixture isn’t combining, then add a small amount of cold water. There should not be any dry flour remaining

on a clean bench, we suggest that you turn the crumbly mixture out on parchment paper, and with another piece of parchment paper on top, use a rolling pin to flatten, or use your fingers to push the shortbread into a flat shape

transfer to the baking tray, and sprinkle with sugar, and use a knife to score lines into the shortbread, then use a fork to prick several times over the shortbread

bake for 25 minutes, or until pale golden brown

allow the shortbread to cool, and cut into diagonal shapes


Calcium Hero of the Dish | Alexandrina Pure Jersey Cream

Alexandrina's Pure Jersey Cream is the kind of cream where you can stand your spoon straight up in the pot, and it is best served straight onto a homemade dessert. This product is completely free of any preservatives, it is simply a fresh double cream. 51.6 % minimum fat | available in 300 ml tub. Champion Cream Winner of the 2004 Australian Grand Dairy Awards.

Looking for Alexandrina Products? | To find a list of our supportive South Australian stockists visit

Looking for Ground Rolled Oats? | We source our Rolled Oats from Kangaroo Island Oats, sustainability produced in the pristine environment of Kangaroo Island. 

Top Tip | Cutting the shortbread while warm makes a cleaner cut.

Foodie Fact | This shortbread must be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator, as the cream in this shortbread performs differently than butter, and does not have the extended shelf life of other baked treats.

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Some of the production pictures...


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