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Once a year we try to buy my mother in law a new cookbook for her birthday, and a few years back she travelled extensively into the Middle East, so there are now suitably themed cookbooks in her book shelf. The investment in buying her a new cookbook, allows us to taste her amazing interpretations of the cuisines from around the world. These Feta Koftes are a family favourite, among others like rice pilaf, cardamon chicken from her wonderful cookbook collection.

Kofte is usually a meatball from ground lamb or beef, or a mixture of the two, flavoured with onion, parsley and cumin. The name is derived from the Persian word for ground, kufta. Turkish meatballs are not always round but come in all shapes and sizes. Importantly, this recipe has been adapted from Sevtap Yuce's recipe from her book Turkish Flavours. Please support Sevtap Yuce by buying her books, here is the link ---> Turkish Flavours 

There is no better time to make donations to the Türkiye-Syria Earthquakes Appeal will help provide immediate and longer-term relief to communities affected by the earthquake. ( email published 21st February 2023)


Alexandrina Lunchbox Series


Groundwork – 10 minutes preparation time; 20 minutes cooking time

Serves 4  



200-250 g Alexandrina Fleurieu Feta

80-100 g breadcrumbs *we try to make our own from left over crusts 

2 free range eggs

55 g parsley (½ bunch parsley) *plant & grow some from Hillside Herbs 

black pepper, fresh

We love to use local Peninsula Providore olive oil for frying



  • combine all ingredients and form into small balls
  • heat the oil in the frying pan
  • frying koftes over high heat for 2-3 minutes or until golden
  • serve hot or serve cold in your lunchbox with the perfect accompaniments


please note I used TARRAGON in these photographs (I have an abundance of tarragon in the garden, and not much parsley) 

please note I used TARRAGON in these photographs (I have an abundance of tarragon in the garden, and not much parsley) 

please note I used TARRAGON in these photographs (I have an abundance of tarragon in the garden, and not much parsley) 

please note I used TARRAGON in these photographs (I have an abundance of tarragon in the garden, and not much parsley) 


Alexandrina's Fleurieu Feta is a light and creamy cow’s milk feta matured in brine. This cheese is made with Skim Jersey Milk which has less than 14.5 % fat. This cheese has creamy zing - it is a firm cutting, versatile feta cheese that can be cubed and tossed through a green salad, or combined with spinach in a crusted pie, or served on an antipasto platter. Serve this cheese | on a platter with kalamata olives, dolmades and pickled octopus. 14.5 % minimum fat | available in various weighted wedges vacuum packed, also available in 500g, 1kg, 3kg tubs. 

LOOKING FOR THE ALEXANDRINA RANGE? |   Alexandrina Cheese work with an incredible network of retailers and one or two key partners across the country. This list is just the beginning of where you can find Alexandrina Cheese products near you.  We recommend giving retailers a call to check for which Alexandrina Cheese products they have in stock. Here is the link ---> Stockist List

LOOKING FOR PARSELY? |  We find ourselves at the nursery benches of Hillside Herbs at least once a year, and Lorraine and Steve never disappoint with their range of herbs and chilli plants. Hillside Herbs is a popular providore of succulents and other greenery in McLaren Vale. Hillside Herbs is located on 23 Sand Road, McLaren Vale, being in the heart of this world-class wine regionClick here to follow --> Hillside Herbs

FOODIE FACT | The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommends at least 2.5 serves a day of milk, cheese, yoghurt and/or alternatives for most adults aged 19-50. A serve from the dairy food group is a cup (250ml) of milk, three-quarters of a cup (200g) yoghurt, two slices (40g) of cheese, half a cup (120g) of ricotta cheese or appropriate alternatives. For more information on the benefits of Australian Made Dairy Foods  

*above quoted from

TOP TIP | If you need a quick brunch, then toast two pieces of dark rye bread, spread the feta kofte over the top of one, and top with slice tomatoes, on the other smoother in hommus, and use some locally made sauerkraut from our friends at Yummy Veggies. Open Sandwiches can be enjoyed by all generations, and they remind us that food neither be too formal, but fresh is best.


Always choose Alexandrina Cheese 

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