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Alexandrina Christmas Biscuit Wreath, made with Oatmeal Cheddar Curd Cookies

Christmas with Alexandrina - Edible Wreath Series

Treat Santa on Christmas Eve with Matt Vos’s Oatmeal Cheddar Curd Cookies, placed alongside a chilled glass of Alexandrina Full Cream Pure Jersey Milk. These cookies only take ten ingredients to create, and they are the perfect accompaniment to a wedge of Alexandrina Vintage Cheddar and some seasonal fruit paste.


on the day, you will need 15 minutes preparation time, total cooking time 10-13 mins.

Makes 8 large cookies


125g Alexandrina Fresh Cheddar Curds, chopped

2 free range eggs

225g butter, softened

170g brown sugar

100g white sugar

1 Tbs vanilla bean paste (or 1 fresh vanilla bean)

270 g rolled oats

200g plain flour

1 tsp baking soda (6 g)

1 tsp sea salt flakes (6 g)



Preheat oven to 175C fan forced

Thoroughly mix eggs, butter, brown sugar, white sugar and vanilla bean in a bowl until combined.

Afterwards slowly mix in rolled oats, plain flour, baking soda, sea salt flakes, and Fresh Cheddar Curds.

Place balls of cookie dough on non-stick baking sheet cook for 10-12 minutes for chewy biscuit 12-14 minutes for firmer biscuit.

Arrange in a wreath, tie biscuits with Christmas ribbons.

Calcium Hero of the Dish | Alexandrina's Fresh Cheddar Curd either plain or chilli

Alexandrina's Fresh Cheddar Curd is simply a fresh, unmatured curd of the Cheddar cheese. This cheese is made in an open-vat using a traditional Cheddaring method, whereby the Cheddar Curd is stretched, milled and salted before being pressed in a special hoop. Alexandrina’s Cheddar Curd has a pleasant mild, salty and savoury flavour, with a unique squeaky texture. Not only is Cheddar a cheese name, the term “cheddaring” describes the stretching step in production, where the large slabs of fresh curd are cut and stacked, and regularly hand-turned, to ensure maximum extraction of whey and even-development of acidity. Alexandrina Cheese are among only a handful of Cheddar producers in Australia today who include this important Cheddaring process. Serve this cheese | on a platter with any locally sourced accompaniment, or fry on a low-heat as you would fry a halloumi-style cheese. You can also use Alexandrina's Fresh Cheddar Curd to make Poutine, a Canadian dish of French-fries and cheese curds topped with a brown gravy. Construct this playful summer cheese platter for family and friends, using Fresh Cheddar Curd as the centrepiece. 33.8 % minimum fat | available in 250g or 500g bag.

Looking for Alexandrina Products? To find our list of supportive South Australian stockists visit

Alexandrina Cheese Company – Our products reveal the flavour of our Mt Jagged grazing lands on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. Alexandrina Cheese is located eight kilometres south of Mt Compass, in the central part of the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia – a mere 64kms from Adelaide’s CBD.

Top Tip | Make sure you have at least a few extra bags of Fresh Cheddar Curd on hand. Best to have a refillable wreath and really get the party started! Our top tip for this year is to have one of each

Foodie Fact | When you bite into Alexandrina's Fresh Cheddar Curd, you might notice that you get a squeak on your teeth, that is the tough mesh that resists you biting through it. That resistance cause the curd to squeak because its rubbing across your teach. And with age, even just one week old curd - that calcium dissolves from the protein, making the protein softer. Reference from Blue Sky Science.

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Our Cook - Along - Together Challenge this Spring continues with vigour, with the digital team from Alexandrina Cheese Company

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Our 2nd Christmas Recipe of the series is this delicious Alexandrina Cheddar Curd Oatmeal Cookies Wreath

The link to our Christmas with Alexandrina - Edible Wreath Series is available here ---> Christmas with Alexandrina - Edible Wreath Series

The link to our Alexandrina Cheese Guide is available here --> Alexandrina Cheese Guide

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Alexandrina Cheese Club - Recipes & Cooking - Australia

First published sometime during the early 2000’s – Cooking with Rebekah, and commonly Rebekah handed out little recipes from the Alexandrina Cheese stall at the farmers market.

This blog is not sponsored, we exclusively partner with Alexandrina Cheese Company Pty Ltd. 

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