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Fresh Jersey Ricotta 

Alexandrina's Fresh Jersey Ricotta is made with a mixture of whey and Alexandrina’s Full Cream Jersey milk. Ricotta in Italian means ‘re-cooked’ as it evolved as a use for the ‘whey’ left from the making of cheese. Alexandrina Fresh Jersey Ricotta is a mass of creamy-white, fine and moist grains. It is firm in texture and not too wet nor too solid. It is sold in small round wheel that look like an upturned basin with a patterned surface, the result of being drained in a colander then placed in a small tub. It is suitable for spreading, but best for cooking or baking. Our Ricotta is delicately lemony, mild and milky, with a slightly sweet, eggy flavour with a fresh aroma. 

8.7 % minimum fat | available in 500 g tub.

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