Every Alexandrina product starts it journey as rich, creamy milk from seventy well-loved and individually named Jersey cows.

They are fed on long green clover pasture, grown on the rolling hills of the family farm, located on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.

Alexandrina Cheese specialise in making hard-style Jersey farmhouse cheese and luxury Jersey dairy products here in Mount Jagged on the central Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. Our family handcraft our produce in our modern cheese room from our single origin Jersey Milk. The single herd of sixty Jersey cows graze on our dairy farm, producing 250,000 litres of grass fed milk each year, and we are able to utilise all of the milk in the cheese room. Harvesting our own Jersey milk is immensely important to us, and so we consider ourselves true farmhouse speciality cheese-makers. We are dedicated to providing nutritionally dense, healthy dairy foods to our loyal customers, and our family make it our mission to tell our story to as many of our customers as we possibly can.

Due to maturation differences and traditional complicated cheesemaking making procedures, each of our cheese can have different characteristics, including a variation in aroma and flavour. You will find that two Alexandrina Cheeses are never exactly alike, cheese made in summer differ to cheese made in the spring. These seasonal differences can be due to environmental factors, pasture conditions and variations in temperature. The cheese maker also has a part to play, each having a different style and influence at the open vat. We know this is one of the best attributes of our single-origin Jersey herd and producing traditional style cheeses with our 120-year-old family recipes.


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