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Household Box

  • 1x Alexandrina Full Cream Pure Jersey Milk, 2L bottle
  • 1x Alexandrina Pure Jersey Cream, 300ml tub
  • 1x Alexandrina Crème Fraiche, 500ml tub
  • 1x Alexandrina Gourmet Shred, 500g packet
  • 1x Alexandrina Natural Yoghurt, 500ml tub (or 1x Alexandrina Honey Yoghurt, 500ml tub)
  • 1x Alexandrina Semi Hard Cheese, 200g (Edam, Gouda or Spiced Gouda)
  • 1x Alexandrina Hard Cheese, 200g (Cheddar, Romano or Pepato)

The Household Box is packed into a cardboard box.

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