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If you are after a quick dessert that is rich, moist and fudgy – but also creamy and chocolatey this batch of brownies is for you. This recipe was kindly given to us at The Cheesery by a Mt Jagged resident in the early 2000’s – it’s called Amy’s Cheesecake Brownies. Once the brownies are served, our next suggestion is to find yourself a glass of muscat from McLaren Vale, and someone to stoke the fire place, all while you sit back and relax.



on the day, you will need 15 minutes preparation time, total cooking time 30 minutes

Serves 8+




for the brownie:

250 g Alexandrina Fresh Jersey Ricotta

100ml Alexandrina Crème Fraiche

150 g butter, chopped

extra butter, to grease

250g good quality dark cooking chocolate

3 eggs

210 g caster sugar (for this recipe you need to measure two portions of 140g & 70g)

225 g plain flour



preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius


brush a square 20 cm cake pan with melted butter to lightly grease

line the base and line two opposite sides with non-stick baking paper, allowing it to over hang

combine the butter and chocolate in a saucepan over a low heat

cook, stirring for five minutes or until chocolate melts and mixture is smooth, remove from heat, set aside for five minutes to cool

whisk two of the eggs in a small bowl

add whisked eggs and 140 g (2/3 cup) of sugar to the chocolate mixture, and stir to combine

add the flour and crème fraiche and stir until well combined

use an electric beater to beat the ricotta and remaining sugar in a bowl until smooth

add the remaining egg and beat until just combined

spoon chocolate and ricotta mixtures alternatively, over the base of the pan

use a skewer to swirl to create a marble effect

bake in the oven for 30 minutes or until a clean skewer when inserted into the centre comes out clean

set aside in the pan for 1 hour to cool


cut into squares and serve with Alexandrina Pure Jersey Cream


Calcium Hero of the Dish | Alexandrina Fresh Jersey Ricotta


Alexandrina's Fresh Jersey Ricotta is made with a mixture of whey and Alexandrina’s Full Cream Jersey milk. Ricotta in Italian means ‘re-cooked’, it evolved from the ‘whey’ left from the making of cheese. Fresh Jersey Ricotta is a mass of creamy-white, fine and moist grains, and is firm in texture - not too wet, nor too solid. A small round wheel is made that looks like an upturned basin, with a patterned surface, the result of being drained in a colander then placed in a small tub. Fresh Jersey Ricotta is delicately lemony, mild and milky, with a slightly sweet, eggy flavour and has a fresh aroma. Fresh Jersey Ricotta is full of fresh protein. It is best eaten fresh, suitable for spreading or it can be used as a filling or for baking. 8.7 % minimum fat | available in 500 g tub.

Calcium Hero of the Dish as a garnish | Alexandrina Pure Jersey Cream

Alexandrina's Pure Jersey Cream is the kind of cream where you can stand your spoon straight up in the pot, and it is best served straight onto a homemade dessert. This product is completely free of any preservatives, it is simply a fresh double cream.  51.6 % minimum fat | available in 300 ml tub. Champion Cream Winner of the 2004 Australian Grand Dairy Awards.

Looking for Alexandrina Products? | Alexandrina Cheese work with an incredible network of retailers and one or two key partners across the country. This list is just the beginning of where you can find Alexandrina Cheese products near you.  We recommend giving retailers a call to check for which Alexandrina Cheese products they have in stock. Here is the link ---> Stockist List

Looking for Good quality dark cooking chocolate ?| We had our Easter box arrive in the mail last week, and such is their delivery promise that it arrived very promptly. We need not sing their praises, as South Australians already know where to go to for good quality dark cooking chocolate. Haigh’s have been making fine chocolates in Australia since 1915 for their customers to enjoy. They source only the very best ingredients, including premium cocoa beans, and use artisan skills combined with specialised chocolate making techniques to create award winning chocolates. Here is the link ---> Haigh's Chocolates

Top Tip  |  We suggest using this little Easter egg cake hack to impress your friends over the Easter weekend. By decorating the top of the cake with a cluster of Easter eggs and a scattering of mini eggs, it sure is time to get hoppy with the Easter Bunny on its way!! Remember to serve with Alexandrina's Pure Jersey Cream for that extra bit of indulgence over the long weekend.

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First published sometime during the late 2000’s –

Cooking with Rebekah, and commonly Rebekah handed out little recipes at the Alexandrina Cheese stall at the farmers market, and this was one of those recipes gifted by one of our ATeam.

This blog is not sponsored, we exclusively partner with Alexandrina Cheese Company Pty Ltd.  

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