This week we are featuring this stylish, festive and delicious Edible wreath

The recipe is here:

Alexandrina Edam Picnic Wreath



Christmas with Alexandrina - Edible Wreath Series


Invite the spirit of Christmas onto your table with this stylish wreath, the Rosemary is both lovely and fragrant, and the Edam cheese edges appear regal like a Crown. A fun and easy appetizer that will add a touch of charm, and some rustic-tastes to your festive picnic.

This wreath would also work beautifully for Christmas in July as a centre piece. 


on the day, you will need 30 minutes preparation time, total chilling time 20 minutes

elements for the picnic wreath

500 g Encounter Bay Edam (2 wedges)  *you may like to use a Mini Edam (1kg) for a crowd

5-6 large cuttings of rosemary (or any herb branches), wash and dry, set aside until needed.

1 bagette, thinly sliced, toasted lightly or Barossa Bagel Chips 

50ml bottle of Illalangi Caramelised Wattleseed Balsamic Vinegar (150ml bottle)

1 large red capsicum, sliced into thick julienne shape

1 large green capsicum, sliced into thick julienne shape

1 punnet cherry tomatoes, whole

50 g pinenuts


wash all the herbs and vegetables and set aside

slice both capsicums into thick julienne shape, set aside

cut (the) a bow shape out of the red capsicum, set aside

cut the Edam cheese into 1 cm slices which resemble triangles, by following the wedge from one end to the other, set aside  

get a large platter and place the cuttings of washed rosemary in a circle (tie with string if you need to add more structure to the base)

thinly slice the bagette with a bread knife and lightly toast in the oven for 4-5 minutes. You need to watch your bagette slices carefully so they don’t burn.

once the bagette slices are out of the oven, cool for 4-5 minutes.

drizzle caramelised wattleseed balsamic vinegar on top of the bagette slices

start to layer all the ingredients on top of the rosemary wreath, start with bagette slices, follow up with alternative layers of capsicum, ensure that you are able to make a pattern, with the green and red colours. After the capsicum is added you need to add the Edam cheese, and the cherry tomatoes, and finally sprinkle the pinenuts.

arrange the capsicum bow as you like on the top to finish the presentation

Calcium Hero of the Dish |  Encounter Bay Edam

Alexandrina's Encounter Bay Edam is presented in a showy red waxed ball, matured for 6mths. This cheese has a beautiful silky texture and conveys the characteristic round shiny eyes, and brings a nutty sweet flavour to the palate. We recommend a wine match to either a crisp white wine or a saucy summer rose.

Serve this cheese | on a platter with almonds, sundried apricots and celery greens.

27.2 % minimum fat | available in a 1kg ball or 2 kg ball, or various weighted wedges vacuum packed.

Looking for Alexandrina Products? | To find a list of our supportive South Australian stockists visit --> Stockists

Top Tip | Before serving use a little more of the Illalangi Caramelised Wattleseed Balsamic Vinegar, to garnish the wreath – and do yourself a favour and visit Waikerie foodie Keryn Gorman’s website for more Christmas shopping at

Foodie Fact | Historically “Edam cheese has been around for hundreds of years and was the most popular cheese in the world between the 14th& 18thcenturies. Named after the harbor of Edam, where it was first bought and sold, its popularity was due to the fact that it could last a long time on long voyages at sea and serve as a food source for sailors” Quote from Speciality Produce.

More cheese ? You could even place a half an Encounter Bay Edam into the middle if you have a large gathering, or sprinkle some Alexandrina Cheddar Curd into the middle of the wreath. Or add celery sticks for a bit of crunch! 

Looking for Herbs? | Try one of the growers at your local Farmers Market, or contact Hillside Herbs and Succulents, McLaren Flat directly.

Find more Alexandrina Recipes here |  Alexandrina Curd’s & Whey blog

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Our 5th Christmas Recipe of the series is this delicious Alexandrina Edam Picnic  Wreath with Alexandrina Edam

The link to our Christmas with Alexandrina - Edible Wreath Series is available here ---> Christmas with Alexandrina - Edible Wreath Series

The link to our Alexandrina Cheese Guide is available here --> Alexandrina Cheese Guide

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