Rebekah’s Chocolate Brownie Fudge Cake


Valentine’s Day need not be complicated. The answer is our gooey, rich Chocolate Brownie Fudge Cake, made with Alexandrina Crème Fraiche, served with local strawberries and a dollop of Alexandrina Pure Jersey Cream. We are udderly in love with this beautiful offering, you could use this for afternoon tea or dessert. You will be in the moo’d for love with this at your next Valentine’s Day picnic too!

Using Alexandrina Crème Fraiche will make this brownie so rich, and luxurious, and it's got way less fat than butter! 

Groundwork – 20 minutes of preparation time plus 35 minutes of cooking time

preheat oven to 180 degrees centigrade

grease a heart shaped pan with oil spray or butter

line the base with baking paper



150 ml Alexandrina Crème Fraiche

125 g dark chocolate, chopped

3 eggs

Extra 150 ml Alexandrina Crème Fraiche (300ml in total) 

375 g caster sugar

1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

1 cup of plain flour (use alternative flour if required)

30 g cacao powder 




300 ml tub Alexandrina Pure Jersey Cream


put the creme fraiche and chocolate into the top of pot of a double boiler

to use the double boiler, simply fill the bottom pot with two inches of water, add in the top pot and turn on your burner to simmer, as the water starts to heat up and steam is released, the steam stays trapped between the two pots, which will start to heat up the butter and chocolate in the top pot

stir the butter and chocolate occasionally, then remove this from the heat and allow to completely cool (allow 10 minutes)  

in another bowl, select an electric mixer if you have one, whisk together extra crème fraiche, sugar and vanilla, until well combined

add the flour, and cacao together, again mix until combined  

add the chocolate mixture into the egg mixture, and then stir in the flour and cacao

be gentle with the mixture to avoid overbeating

pour the mixture into the heart shaped tin

bake for 35 minutes

don’t worry, this recipe will sink down in the middle, once it is cooled

but once cool you will garnish the top with strawberries, and a little icing sugar

cutting this shape is quite difficult, cutting wedges seem to work out best

serve on a plate with a dollop of Alexandrina Pure Jersey Cream

1.Calcium Hero of the Dish in the cake | Alexandrina Crème Fraiche

Alexandrina's Creme Fraiche is a naturally matured, thickened soured cream using culture. It has a light and lemony taste, and goes well with both savoury and sweet foods as a condiment. Crème Fraiche is made by adding a culture (special bacteria) to and fermenting our fresh Pure Jersey Cream. It has a subtle tangy, slightly nutty flavour and rich, velvety texture. 30 % minimum fat | available in 500 ml tub.

2. Calcium Hero of the Dish as a garnish | Alexandrina Pure Jersey Cream

Alexandrina's Pure Jersey Cream is the kind of cream where you can stand your spoon straight up in the pot, and it is best served straight onto a homemade dessert. This product is completely free of any preservatives, it is simply a fresh double cream.  51.6 % minimum fat | available in 300 ml tub. 

Champion Cream Winner of the 2004 Australian Grand Dairy Awards.

Looking for Alexandrina Products? | Alexandrina Cheese work with an incredible network of retailers and one or two key partners across the country. This list is just the beginning of where you can find Alexandrina Cheese products near you.  We recommend giving retailers a call to check for which Alexandrina Cheese products they have in stock. Here is the link ---> Stockist List

Looking for Strawberries? | The East Family at Mount Jagged are our pick for small local growers, find them at Willunga Farmers Market or at Mount Compass IGA. Watch their social media updates for next season Gina’s Kitchen and Field Berries 

Foodie Fact | Valentine's Day may have its roots in an ancient Pagan festival.

“Though some historians believe that Valentine's Day commemorates the death of St. Valentine on February 14, others believe that the holiday actually has its origins in a Pagan fertility festival called "Lupercalia," which was celebrated on February 15 in ancient Rome. Dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, and Roman founders Romulus and Remus, the day was celebrated by sacrificing animals and smacking women with animal hides, a practice that was believed to encourage fertility” quote from @goodhousekeeping

Top Tip | double this recipe;  300 ml Alexandrina Crème Fraiche + 250 g dark chocolate, chopped + 6 eggs + 750 g caster sugar + 2 teaspoon of vanilla essence + 2 cup of plain flour (use alternative flour if required) + 60 g cocao powder = gift the second batch to a friend or neighbour #kindness

Happy Valentine's Day or Happy Galentine's Day or just have a happy day eating Chocolate Brownie Fudge Cake! 

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