Alexandrina’s Spiced Gouda Cheese Burger  


Alexandrina Lunch Box Series

Rolling out our Alexandrina Cheese Burger, and the hero of this lunch box is our Alexandrina Spiced Gouda, but honestly you could use any of the Alexandrina Cheeses for this recipe.

The Alexandrina Lunch Box Series will includes four meals, over four weeks!

The new recipe is always uploaded on our blog on a Tuesday…you can find other recipes here ---> Curds & Whey Blog  


Kids will love these hearty little burgers, and we know that everyone will feel satisfied with these burgers for lunch. Adding the Spiced Gouda is perfect for use on this burger, as the cheese immediately has light aniseed flavour, minty finish. You will be able to put this recipe on your weekly rotation, if you have teenagers in the home, you may need to triple this recipe, for lunch boxes!

Groundwork – 10 minutes of preparation time 10 minutes of cooking time

Serves 4 (it is so easy to change quantities for serving more)



For the Burger

120g Alexandrina Mt Magnificent Spiced Gouda this should be 12 slices

6 brown bread rolls,

6 turkey rissoles,

salad of your choice – we use cucumbers and tomatoes

condiments of your choice – we use home style tomato sauce 



use a cheese knife to slice the Mt Magnificent Spiced Gouda. 

use a bread knife, slice each of the brown bread rolls in half.

use a non stick fry pan to cook the rissoles for about 4-5 each side or until cooked through, drain on paper towel until cool.

To arrange the burger, take the base of the bread roll, add the turkey rissole, lay the slices of Alexandrina Spiced Gouda onto the rissole. If you are making these for a main meal, you could pop the burger into the oven, and grill for 1-2 minutes to ensure the cheese is melted.

add the salad of your choice, on top.

add the condiments of your choice to the top of the bread roll, and place the lid on top of the burger, use a short skewer to hold the burger together.

repeat this step until all six burgers are made and serve into a lunch box with an ice pack to keep food safe while on the journey to the classroom. 


CALCIUM HERO OF THE DISH |  Alexandrina's Mt Magnificent Spiced Gouda – matured for 6mths. Mt Magnificent Spiced Gouda is a buttery full cream Jersey milk cheese showcased in a neutral wax, it has a warm golden colour with a savoury flavour. This cheese has a silky, supple texture and has a delightful aroma and flavour. We recommend a crisp white wine to complement the creamy dairy flavour profile in the cheese. Serve this cheese | on a platter with green pears, pistachio nuts, and crimson seedless grapes. 27.2 % minimum fat | available in a 3-4 kg wheel, or various weighted wedges vacuum packed.

LOOKING FOR THE ALEXANDRINA RANGE? |   Alexandrina Cheese work with an incredible network of retailers and one or two key partners across the country. This list is just the beginning of where you can find Alexandrina Cheese products near you.  We recommend giving retailers a call to check for which Alexandrina Cheese products they have in stock. Here is the link ---> Stockist List

LOOKING FOR TOMATOES? |  You will find Alan and Brenda at the Alnda Farm stall outside the pavilion at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market every Sunday. Alan Williams and Brenda Oakey of Alnda Farms are traditional market farmers. They grow a vast array of vegetables and herbs on their 18-acre farm on the fertile flood plains of the Gawler River. Alnda provides a wide variety of fresh vegetables and herbs. This includes year-round tomatoes, as well as capsicum, chilli, eggplant, carrots, bok choy, dill, coriander, parsley, mint, spring onion, beetroot, red radish, kale, and spinach. Click here to follow --> Aldna Farms

FOODIE FACT | The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommends at least 2.5 serves a day of milk, cheese, yoghurt and/or alternatives for most adults aged 19-50. A serve from the dairy food group is a cup (250ml) of milk, three-quarters of a cup (200g) yoghurt, two slices (40g) of cheese, half a cup (120g) of ricotta cheese or appropriate alternatives.

For more information on the benefits of Australian Made Dairy Foods  

*above quoted from

TOP TIP | If you wished to serve this for lunch or dinner on the weekend, and you wanted to add a couple of sides, you could make Rebekah's Rainbow Coleslaw. Watch the video from September 2021. The Rebekah's Rainbow Coleslaw Salad elements include Alexandrina Creme Fraiche, cabbage, white, cabbage, red (or beetroot), carrots, coriander, jalapeños (optional), spring onions and sliced almonds to serve with the burgers, or you could plan to make Maple Brussel Sprouts, Roasted Potatoes or a Spicy Zucchini Coleslaw. 

Always choose Alexandrina Cheese 

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