Alexandrina Retta’s Mars-Bar Cheesecake


Alexandrina Autumn Recipes Series

What happens when you combine everyone’s favourite chocolate bar and a cheesecake?

Deliciously decadent dessert heaven, that’s what! This wicked recipe from our old friend Retta who was involved in some of our design work in the early 2000’s. We are quietly confident you are just going to love this creamy cheesecake!


Serves 8 +

groundwork - preparation time allow 45 mins, refrigerate about three hours or until set.


For this recipe you will need

200 ml Alexandrina Pure Jersey Cream

500 g Alexandrina Fresh Jersey Ricotta


cheesecake base

250 g plain chocolate biscuits

150 g butter, melted


butterscotch sauce

1 tablespoon brown sugar

20 g butter, extra

50 ml Alexandrina Pure Jersey Cream


cheesecake filling

another 50 ml Alexandrina Pure Jersey Cream

50 g milk chocolate, chopped finely

200 ml Alexandrina Pure Jersey Cream

500 g Alexandrina Fresh Jersey Ricotta

1 x 250 gm packet Cream Cheese, softened (*please note on our livestream demo we may use Alexandrina Creme Fraiche instead!)

3 teaspoons gelatine

1/4 cup (60 ml) water

1/2 cup (110g) caster sugar

3 x 60 gm Mars Bars, chopped as coarsely or as finely as you wish!



to make the cheesecake base

blend or process biscuits until mixture resembles fine bread crumbs.

add butter; process until just combined.

using one hand, press biscuit mixture evenly over base and side of 20 cm spring form tin, cover; refrigerate about 30 minutes or until firm.


to make the butterscotch sauce

meanwhile, combine brown sugar, extra butter and 2 tablespoons of the cream in small saucepan; stir over low heat, until sugar dissolves, to make butterscotch sauce.

to make the cheesecake filling

combine chocolate and another 2 tablespoons of the cream in another small saucepan; stir over low heat until chocolate melts.


continue to make the cheesecake filling

sprinkle gelatine over the water in small heatproof jug; stand jug in small saucepan of simmering water.

stir until gelatine dissolves; cool for five minutes.

beat cream, ricotta, cream cheese, caster sugar in medium bowl with electric mixer until smooth.

stir slightly warm gelatine mixture into cheese mixture; (omit this step if you prefer no gelatine)

pour half of the cheese mixture into prepared tin, then drizzle half of the butterscotch and chocolate sauces over the cheese mixture.

pull skewer backwards and forwards through mixture several times to create marbled effect.

repeat process with remaining cheese mixture and sauces.

finally poke the mars bar bits into the top of the cheesecake.

cover cheesecake; refrigerate about three hours or until set.


CALCIUM HERO OF THE DISH | Alexandrina Fresh Jersey Ricotta

Alexandrina's Fresh Jersey Ricotta is made with a mixture of whey and Alexandrina’s Full Cream Jersey milk. Ricotta in Italian means ‘re-cooked’, it evolved from the ‘whey’ left from the making of cheese. Fresh Jersey Ricotta is a mass of creamy-white, fine and moist grains, and is firm in texture - not too wet, nor too solid. A small round wheel is made that looks like an upturned basin, with a patterned surface, the result of being drained in a colander then placed in a small tub. Fresh Jersey Ricotta is delicately lemony, mild and milky, with a slightly sweet, eggy flavour and has a fresh aroma. Fresh Jersey Ricotta is full of fresh protein. It is best eaten fresh, suitable for spreading or it can be used as a filling or for baking. 8.7 % minimum fat | available in 500 g tub.


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Another Top Tip | If you prefer, to make mini cheesecakes, you could use mason jars or even glasses to make these for individual portions.

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Alexandrina Cheese Club - Recipes & Cooking - Australia

First published sometime during the early 2000’s – Cooking with Rebekah, and commonly Rebekah handed out little recipes from the Alexandrina Cheese stall at the farmers market.

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